Welcome to iHotelFinder.info – the website dedicated to the hotel search and booking. Here you will find detailed information about hotels, aparthotels, guesthouses and other accommodation options in various countries and world’s cities. However, if you think that iHotelFinder.info is just another booking website, you are mistaken.

Tips for Choosing Hotels in Popular Destinations
In the articles below you will find recommendations by travelers on choosing the most advantageous locations for great hotel stays in popular tourist destinations. Read hotel travel tips by those who have already visited the following cities:

iHotelFinder.info – by Travelers for Travelers

iHotelFinder.info has been created by travelers for travelers. We, the authors of the website, love discovering new countries and cities, exploring new cultures – their contrasts and meeting points. Traveling is our age-old and everlasting passion. And of course, the time spent away from home was not the time wasted. We gained a significant experience which we share on this website with pleasure.

What kind of information will you find here?

To begin with, here on iHotelFinder.info you will find tips and recommendations on how to choose hotels in various cities all over the world. We strive to help you find the right hotel for your needs. There is a separate article about each city that came to our attention. Our tips and recommendations cover at least two important points:

  1. Which city district should you choose for accommodation?
    When giving an answer to this question we share our own thoughts regarding the convenience of staying in one or the other district and/or quarter. We try to cover both advantages and disadvantages and the most specific details. For example, let’s assume you are going to some place where you want to explore local points of attraction. In this case it is better to stay in one of hotels in historical downtown. However, if you plan to use this city as a base for day trips in the local area, then accommodation in the historical downtown can become an inconvenience (especially if you travel by car). In other words, when providing recommendations about accommodation we try to cover as many situations as possible, keeping in mind that “one size fits all” approach isn’t going to work here.
  2. Which hotel to stay in?
    When looking at certain districts or quarters we focus as a rule on those hotels which we believe deserve your attention as a guest. Some of these hotels we experienced firsthand, others are recommendations of our friends, acquaintances, and other travelers. In any case, our recommendations aren’t random. We try to pay attention only to those hotels which really deserve it. By the way, you sure know that in addition to typical hotels there are also apartments, small family hotels, aparthotel, etc. We try to keep it in mind when providing relevant information.

Currently you can read articles on choosing a hotel in the following cities.

Booking Hotels with iHotelFinder.info

Even though iHotelFinder.info is not a hotel booking website we provide you with a number of very useful tools which will help you handle the variety of accommodation options in the most efficient way. In other words, using our recommendations on choosing hotels will bring you very close to the actual booking process. All of it is possible thanks to our partner – HotelsCombined.com.

What do we mean and how does it work?

  • On iHotelFinder.info you can see special search forms which allow searching for hotels anywhere in the world. This search is carried out simultaneously on numerous hotel booking websites. As a result, you get an option to book hotels at the lowest prices choosing the best rates of the booking websites. This is very convenient, and – what is more important – cost-efficient.
  • Each article on the hotels recommendations contains in addition to the text links to maps and list of hotels (compiled based on their location), as well as links to these hotels’ pages on the HotelsCombined.com website. Using these links you can easily find and compare offers from the leading booking websites. This is convenient and saves you a lot of time.

Hotel Price Comparison Search Engine HotelsCombined.com

It is no secret that prices on different online booking websites can vary a great deal for the same hotels. So, it made sense that right after hotel booking websites had become a part of travelers’ life, hotel price comparison search engines appeared. Their idea is simple: they bring together information from dozens of booking systems, thus allowing users comparing deals on different websites and choosing the best ones (read more about hotel price comparison search engines here).

In our opinion, one of the most effective hotel price comparison search engines is HotelsCombined.com. What exactly makes it so effective?

  • It provides an option to compare hotel prices and choose the best deal
    As it was said above, HotelsCombined.com conducts hotels search and provides prices based on the data of the leading hotel booking websites, including the www.booking.com, www.hotels.com, www.expedia.com, and many others. It provides users with an option to compare real deals and book hotels at the most attractive rates.
  • Flexible hotel search all over the world
    The search is flexible and can be based on the most important for you parameters: hotel’s star rating, price range, location, accommodation type, services provided for guests, etc. By adding key search criteria you can create a list of hotels which meet your needs the best way.
  • Visualization and user-friendliness
    During your search of hotels anywhere in the world you will have a map at your disposal where you can find not only hotels but most local tourist attractions, as well as museums, railway stations, sports facilities, and other relevant facilities which will provide guidance for you in a foreign country or city. Of course, you can sort hotels based on the distance from the most significant landmarks.
  • Unbiased rating of hotels
    Most of hotels presented on the HotelsCombined.com have a rating based on the analysis of feedback on the leading online hotel booking websites. This feedback has a high degree of credibility because as a rule it can only be left by travelers who really stayed in those hotels and paid for their stay there. Thus, the rating allows users to define a number of worthy hotels in a fast and an efficient way.

So, thanks to HotelsCombined.com you get a great opportunity to choose the best hotel at the best price, saving on time and money. Plus, HotelsCombined.com provides you with an option to search for hotels, apartments, aparthotels, hostels, guest houses and other accommodation types in all popular tourist destinations in the world. The booking, including filling in all the required forms, is done via the booking website at a price specified by websites. Neither we, nor HotelsCombined.com charge anything extra.

Finally, if you take a closer look, you will see the following. Many popular hotel price comparison websites are just based on the HotelsCombined.com even though the interface might look slightly different. Not to mention that companies from the related sectors of the travel industry use this search engine. Once again it highlights the fact that HotelsCombined.com is very useful for hotel booking. In two words, try it. We have a feeling that you would like it too.

Important Addition

In conclusion to this short review of the iHotelFinder.info potential we should make one small but important addition. All our recommendations are exactly what they are – recommendations. They are not based on some deep scientific analysis; instead they are based mostly on the personal experiences of the website’s authors. We can make mistakes (only human, remember!) and are subject to inaccuracy (still human!). Our opinions can be different from opinions of other travelers. However, keep in mind that we write only about things that we think are important and we will never recommend you to stay at hotels which we would not choose ourselves for our stay. We sincerely hope that all the information on this website will be beneficial to you and will help you get through all the information available to today’s travelers.

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